Little Did Lizzie Know..


Sitting in JFK sipping this $18.00 glass of Cabernet and I realize, wow, this couldn’t really get much better. And hour and twenty minutes until my Emirates flight to Milan for Fashion Week, and I can’t at all imagine this scenario playing out the same in my past life.IMG_0432

Not that I’m blowing the bartender providing my 5 ounce pour, and not even because I plan to fall madly in love while in Europe, Lizzie McQuire movie style, but because of the change of mentality I’ve written about tirelessly within these past few posts.

It’s like a change in confidence, but not. A change in outlook, yes for sure. But more so a change in energy. Yes! It’s definitely a change in what I’m putting out there into the world. And now, that world will be a European one for the next week.

Ah, Europe.. I’ve only been once, and unfortunately flew home after just a few weeks for a silly little thing called love.. Or so I thought… Regardless, it’ll be nice going to such a gorgeous and culturally rich place with the promise of Italian romance, or at least a vespa ride and night spent chain smoking and making out after too many glasses of red to look forward to.

Definitely stay posted..


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