23 Has Never Looked So Drunk

On Friday morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. No, not metaphorically. Though I’m sure that applies too… I woke up on the inside of the bed, the side closest to the window. I always sleep on the outside of my bed, but I suppose that space can’t be IMG_1673 2occupied by two occupants simultaneously, so I must’ve defaulted to inside. That or I rolled over after the deed and passed out carelessly.

So Thursday night was my 23rd birthday. I had three margs, a pitcher of $70 sangria, and was clearly not in my best state, (or is that my best state)? I texted a guy I had met out a few nights before, (and by “met out” I mean re-introduced myself to because we graduated from the same high-school three years apart). Well, technically he texted me.. But I responded quickly and enthusiastically, and soon enough he was there buying me a drink I clearly didn’t need.

Over coffee the next morning, (yes, I make my hookups coffee, YES, this is the first time I’ve ever woken up like this in my own apartment), he told me completely genuinely that he had no idea that what happened the night before was going to happen. Lot’s of credit he’s giving me….

Because i’m not one for morning-after hugs, sober kisses and whatever this little recap conversation we were having was, I sort of laughed a lot and made a big production of making my bed. Hellaaaaa steps were suddenly involved.

Once I had my quarters to myself again I sat down and really began to think about what I had done the night before. About the party and hookup lifestyle.. And you want to know what I thought? Not a damn thing. 

I finished my coffee, got dressed, went to work and proceeded to enjoy my Friday like I would any other Friday: hungover and amused. Sure, this one would bite me in the ass, (and not in the fun way), because we sort of share the same mascot, have all of the same Facebook friends and whatever other bullshit comes with the territory of hooking up when you’re from a small town. But luckily, this is New York, and if I never want to see Mr. Ranger Bear again then I never have to..



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