What Is Cracked Her Crown?


You remember the story of Cinderella? She’s sort of a peasant character (who just so happens to be a gorgeous blonde), who is seemingly fated to have a life of drab until one day she goes to an amazing party and meets a Prince Charming who sweeps her off her feet and returns to her her precious glass slipper.


This blog was inspired by that story, and in many ways is a reflection of almost that exact narrative! ❤


Except, I’m sort of more of a Tinderella character, (though I suppose the blonde comment’s applicable) who was more fated to have a life of absolute chaos here in NY until I too went to an amazing party! Except, each time I go to an amazing party, I’m not exactly leaving with a Prince Charming, but more likely a finance coordinator.. Or a doctor… Or a Met’s player.. And though someone has yet to sweep me off of my feet, it’s always likely that i’ll lose my footing.


And in the morning, more so than waking up with a glass slipper, I wake up with a cracked crown. (And often a hangover).


This blog is the story of a modern day fairytale. A princess tipsily wandering through New York looking for her Prince Charming while scrolling Instagram.

FullSizeRender 6


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