What Is Cracked Her Crown?

Other than a bad Tinderella-inspired, alliteration-driven metaphor? Well- it’s this blog!

Really had high hopes for it in the beginning.. I kid.

Coming off of my Blackout Blonde days I didn’t know what to call my blog.. my “story”. I didn’t want to be the “modern day Carrie Bradshaw”- truly, I didn’t! I was already writing about sex and dating, (I was a sex columnist all throughout college and my pieces written during those years were published time over time) and I definitely wanted to continue to write about dating, so a ploy on online dating / modern day fairytale seemed just right.

At first, I loved Cracked Her Crown. I thought it presented a playful image of a sort of grunge Cinderella. A princess who, unlike your conventional Kate Middleton, maybe didn’t have her crown on quite straight, or hell-maybe she wasn’t even wearing one at all. I loved the narrative I could present under the persona of a tipsy Tinderella, wandering Manhattan scrolling through Twitter and sipping Sauvignon with suitors.

Now- well now I don’t care what this damn thing is called.. I just want to write.

FullSizeRender 6


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