The Naked First Date

Yesterday was a day just like any other..I scurried out of the office at a meant-to-make-you-feel-shameful 5:38 p.m. and rushed to Crunch gym for a 6:00 p.m. yoga class. Naturally I didn’t arrive on time, so instead opted to plug in one of those aerobic workouts on the elliptical and continue to work/ apartment hunt … More The Naked First Date

The 2:30 a.m. Uber

Here’s the thing with pocket squares and movie-star smiles and lofty one bedroom apartments- if they seem too good to be true they probably are. Anyone who has ever read anything by me before might remember that I’m what I like to call a “realist”. Most would maybe switch that word out for pessimist or … More The 2:30 a.m. Uber

The DKNY Dress

My oftentimes doppelganger and unabashed inspiration Carrie Bradshaw said something in the Season 1 episode “Bay of Married Pigs” that resonated with me now more so than ever: “He was like the flesh and blood equivalent of a DKNY dress: you know it’s not your style but it’s right there, so you try it on … More The DKNY Dress

Giving Up My Shtick

If you’ve yet to have a perfect stranger tell you how you feel, or tell you what you, yourself, has been up to, then I sympathize with you. While it’s perhaps the single most agitating thing that’s come from this blog and from my “persona” on social this past year, it’s something I think everyone should have … More Giving Up My Shtick

Sticks and Stones

Yesterday at 5:04 p.m. I was in the middle of a timely reporting project for my boss. Thinking I was never going to leave the office and make it to my “Absolution” class, I wasn’t in great spirits. That said, you can imagine the groan I let out upon hearing the email noise permeate through my … More Sticks and Stones

The Power of Potential

Much like something driving like hope, or the promise of reward, the power of potential is something strong enough to propel us forward into even the most non-ideal of life scenarios.  Like online dating. You don’t ever necessarily know that it will work out, in fact, more times than not you’re well aware that it won’t … More The Power of Potential