The Power of Potential

Much like something driving like hope, or the promise of reward, the power of potential is something strong enough to propel us forward into even the most non-ideal of life scenarios.  Like online dating. You don’t ever necessarily know that it will work out, in fact, more times than not you’re well aware that it won’t … More The Power of Potential

Done Browning Out

  Been awhile since I’ve been able to sit down and write. Now, at 33,500 ft altitude with a both a mimosa and a wheatgrass shot in my system, I’ll attempt to pen what’s been going on in my world of dating and mating. Firstly, let me preface that not every experience I have will … More Done Browning Out

Dating in New York

Dating in New York is like.. While there are just shy of a million similes I could use to finish that lead, there’s one analogy I’m feeling best describes my current situation as the single girl NY has only-too-happily taken to.  Dating in New York is like the 5-10 seconds before you sneeze… It feels … More Dating in New York