The Breakup: Part 2

2/1/16 Though I thought my first post was more than sufficient, and love the cliffhanger, albeit clichéd ending of my preceding post, because writing is the only thing taking my mind of the all-consuming excruciation that is heartbreak, I’m back at it again. This is, afterall, the chronicles of a breakup, so might as well … More The Breakup: Part 2

After The Breakup: 1

2/1/16 There definitely has got to be a better word for this than “heartbreak”. It’s not my heart that’s broken. In fact, with the ferocity and tenaciousness with which it’s pumping, I’d say it’s, adversely, working better now than ever before. Maybe “stomach-broken” would be more appropriate. Certainly not as Fitzgerald but definitely more of … More After The Breakup: 1